Need Help? Don't we all.

Where would we be without reaching out to our communities for help? We can not do life alone so why do so many try? Why do we isolate ourselves in our little caves of our homes and thoughts and not talk to each other about what's really going on inside? I'm not going to answer that question because I think we all know what I mean and then wonder why we suffer in silence.

I was recently reminded of a time in my life when I experienced incredible turmoil over the circumstances in my life. If it wasn't for talking to people, that started the ball rolling and a cascade of events that changed the course of my life I wouldn't have had the major shift that I did. In my situation it was a circumstantial encounter with someone that provided the life changing conversation. I was lucky to have known someone who cared enough to listen. Sometimes we need to be proactive and seek professional help so we can see clearly again and feel on top of the world. If you would like to speak to someone regarding your sporting life please let me know. I am open to hear your story and enter your conversation. It is what I do.

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